Godus: Of Sheep, Sinister Tribes, and Floods - Introducing a New World

09/29/2014 09:56 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsSimulationStrategy



The free-to-play simulation Godus was released in the iTunes Store in mid-August. For many players this has been enough time to make some serious progress in the mobile game. Some have reached the last expansion shrine and have desperately been waiting for more content. The guys and girls over at 22cans are well aware of this and have been busy on their part developing more content. In a new blog, they have announced that their first major expansion will hit the app store in the not-so-distant future. It will feature a new world, a new tribe, and many new features.
Before players can visit the new world, they obviously need a means of transportation. The big ark will come into play here. It will appear to all players who have reached the Astari and who have done with them as they please. An expansion beacon placed next to their village will give players access to the ark. 500 followers will be required to build it, all of who may then board it and travel to the new world.
Upon arrival players will soon get a feeling that they’re not in Kansas anymore. The new world called Wayworld is harsher, more dynamic, and a lot more challenging than the trees and rocks of the homeworld. Players will find a vast desert, cacti, and a major flooding every few days. Herds of sheep roam the land on their daily hunt for grass and water. Wayworld also introduces a second Astari tribe to the mobile simulation. But Astari tribes have a great secret that players should try to uncover. They should beware of the third tribe that is being introduced to Godus. It is far more sinister and devious than any other before.

Before this content expansion hits the mobile game, players on iOS can expect a minor update which will mostly fix bugs and balance some in-game features.

 Source: Official game homepage
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