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What to expect:
  • Rule over a living, breathing world in this free god game
  • Become a god as you can change every aspect of your surroundings by simply touching it
  • Make sure that your tiny gathering of followers actually worships you
  • Lead your civilization through the progressing ages of humanity
  • Uncover mysteries and surprises that await you above and below the surface
  • Mobile Games
  • iOS
  • Steam
  • Ancient World
  • Peter Molyneux
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Play as a True God in Godus

Become a god, command hundreds of followers, and collect resource cards to build anything your creative mind can come up with in Godus.


From the creator of the original Dungeon Keeper comes a new game which lets you take on the role of a divine being that has full control over the universe. In Godus, Peter Molyneux and his team give you the opportunity that many have been searching for: play God, have minions to do your bidding, and shape the world according to how you want to see it grow, flourish and expand. Tiny little followers are in awe of your supernatural powers and have decided to serve you as loyal worshipers in an online game that advances through different ages. To sum it all up: Godus is a free-to-play god game.

Starting in rather primitive times, you will work your way up the modern day and unlock new technologies with the right amount of resources. Speaking of resources: Just like in any other strategy game, Godus requires you to keep tabs on your building materials. The more cards you collect, the better. Every decision you make in this free-to-play version of the simulation game has its consequences, no matter whether you are setting fire to nearby encampments, construct entire mountain ranges out of thin air or send your followers on an adventurous journey across the fantasy world of Godus.

While Godus was initially only available on Windows and Mac computers, the vast world can now also be downloaded for free on iOS and Android mobile devices. Control your followers and shape new worlds even while on the go! Be aware that ripping apart certain landscapes can have unforeseen results. Some actions may give way to ancient artifacts while others could cost you dozens of followers. Use the touchscreen technology of your iPhone or iPad to mold soil, sand and water the way you want to. This is your chance to turn your fantasy into reality. Do you have what it takes to be a God and take on new responsibilities that will change the world of simulation gaming forever?

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Godus Videos

  • Godus: Official iOS Launch Trailer

    08/12/2014 08:08 am - Inspire your followers to become the greatest civilization the fantasy world has ever seen and construct buildings that would turn any other gamer green with envy. The god simulation game has now been released as a free-to-play mobile game...more

Godus News

  • Godus: Searching for New Gods with Android Release

    11/28/2014 04:35 am - Only too often do gamers liken themselves to God, and with good reason, what with the ability to mold whole landscapes, nurture and kill living animals, and send whole nations to war at the click of a button. If that sounds familiar, then perhaps you...more

  • Godus: Frontier Age Coming Out This Week

    10/14/2014 07:58 am - A few weeks ago, the guys and girls over at 22cans introduced their upcoming major game update for the free-to-play simulation Godus. The mobile version of the PC game was only added to the iTunes Store in mid-August, but iOS users will also already...more

  • Godus: Of Sheep, Sinister Tribes, and Floods - Introducing a New World

    09/29/2014 09:56 am - The free-to-play simulation Godus was released in the iTunes Store in mid-August. For many players this has been enough time to make some serious progress in the mobile game. Some have reached the last expansion shrine and have desperately been...more

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