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GodStoria Description

In the beginning God created the world and made men with his breath of life. Men lived in paradise, the Eden, and did not know suffering nor death. Can you follow in the steps of Abraham?


GodStoria is a free-to-play browser MMORTS that puts you into the epic story of the Bible and lets you experience it first-hand. As one of the descendants of Abraham, you will venture around the holy lands and create an empire of your very own.

As you construct buildings, you will be able to upgrade them in GodStoria. Each structure has a base level and by upgrading it, not only will it look different than before, but it will also allow you to produce new or different things. For example, you will start with a Barracks which will then be upgraded to an Advanced Barracks and lastly an Academy.

You must create your very own kingdom in GodStoria. Starting with just a few buildings and resources, you will have to expand and gather in order to help your empire grow. However, you will not be staying in one place forever as you will travel to different cities.

You will begin your GodStoria journey in Ur. From there, you will travel to Haran across the deserts, then to Canaan and finally, Egypt. Each area will present you with a new set of challenges and appear different as even the buildings have a different architecture.

The browser game GodStoria has many other players than just you and you will be able to see where their cities are located on their map. Dispatch troops to these locations and send them to do battle, go on a scouting mission or to retrieve new resources.

Experience the world of the Bible with the free-to-play online game, GodStoria. Meet Abraham and his descendents as you create an empire and travel across the deserts of the ancient world. Start in Ur and travel to other well-known places such as Canaan and Haran as you witness God’s hope for mankind.

by Kyle Hayth

GodStoria Screenshots

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