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Godsrule Description

As ruler of your very own empire, there is plenty of work laid out before you. New territories ready to be conquered abound. Prove yourself as a strategist worthy of ruling the world and lead your armies to victory and glory.


In the multifaceted fantasy world of Godsrule you will be look upon by your people as the powerful ruler that you are, but it is up to you to prove that you deserve this power and respect. Your subjects are loyal to the end, fighting your battles and carrying out your orders to the bitter end. Their loyalty will serve you well in your quest to expand your empire, but don’t abuse their loyalty with reckless abandon, or you will soon find your forces dwindling and hardly capable of conquest, let alone defending your current territorial holdings. War is not your only duty as emperor however. Like any reigning leader, you must also be a daft economist and city planner to ensure that the peaceful portions of your empire continue to flourish and expand.

In fact, before you set out on your mighty conquests, you will be primarily concerned with resource management and expanding the range of your empire through civic projects and economic gains. The more efficiently you build up your empire at the early stages of expansion, the sooner you will be able to gather troops, raise an army and take your strategic expertise to the battlefield.

Your ultimate goal in Godsrule is to expand your empire across as many territories as possible and to maintain your broadened borders and the safety of your subjects. To more rapidly increase your power and influence across the game world, you can join up with other players to form clans, coordinating with one another to decisively win battles and more efficiently expand your collective empire. Even though the option is there, you are not required to form alliances or even play offline. Whether at your computer, on your iPad or in your browser, you can continue playing Godsrule from any platform and expand your world dominance from anywhere.

by Jonathan Smith

Godsrule Screenshots

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