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Gods Rush
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Gods Rush Description

Collect a pantheon of mythological heroes and save ancient Greece from the terror that has been unleashed from Pandora’s box. Go forth into battle, taking command of fearless gods in this funky free-to-play mobile game.


Are you bored of playing high fantasy RPG games that take you into a world full of try-hard graphics and dodgy, turn-based battles? Bored with repetitive storylines that do nothing to spark the imagination? If your answer is yes, then Gods Rush is for you! Simple, easy to play, and fun; this free-to-play game laughs in the face of serious roleplaying and takes you on a whirlwind cartoon adventure through ancient Greece. Command a team of ragtag heroes and guide them into battle against armies of goofy warriors and challenging bosses. Watch the sparks fly as swords strike armor and red damage numbers jump across the screen like in old 70s arcade games.

Gods Rush uses the limitations of 2D graphics to its advantage, adding a comic element to combat, while creating the look and feel of an old classic RPG with an animated twist. Optimized for Android mobiles and tablets, this free-to-play title is full of exciting, albeit slightly kooky, gameplay. The modern cartoon graphics juxtaposed with the theme of ancient Greece set the scene for your band of wild warriors, creating a backdrop with a charming aesthetic for your fast-paced hack n' slash battles.

Play through different game modes to test your champions, practice using their abilities, and train them up. Go to the arena and fight in PvP battles against other players online, or check out Gauntlet challenges, which take you through fast-paced battles and reward each hero with gold. The more heroes you have, the more battle strategies you will be able to adopt. Choosing which fearless warrior to take into combat will ultimately decide your fate: Victory or defeat. That, and the ability to keep calm and focused whilst engaging a bustling skirmish. Gods Rush is full of fast, finger-tapping mayhem!

Gods Rush Screenshots

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