Goblin Keeper: New Strategy Game Launching Soon

11/29/2012 09:39 am by Jonathan Smith in NewsBrowser GamesFantasy

Goblin Keeper

Goblin Keeper

Gameforge is back again with another title to add to their already large and impressive lineup of computer games. This time around they are publishing Goblin Keeper, a strategy title that will challenge you to collect resources, survey your surroundings and ultimately construct the most fiendish and deadly goblin fortress that you can possibly imagine.

The game will have everything you might expect from a development-centric strategy game, with plenty of resources to manage, numerous ways to customize your goblin fortress and plenty of new technologies and forgotten magic to unlock as your fortress grows.

All of this will come in the interesting new flavor and perspective of a goblin empire, giving you a fresh take on everything you love about strategy games. The game has just been released so hurry up and get a head start on the learning curve as you master the nefarious art of goblin stronghold upkeep.

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