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Goblin Keeper
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Goblin Keeper Description

The time has come to be as evil, as cunning and as downright terrible as you can be when creating your own labyrinthine dungeon in this free-to-play browser game!


In Goblin Keeper, you find yourself back in the dark and dangerous world of dungeon construction. You are an evil lord who lives and works in the depths of the earth. Floating in the middle of an epic sea of lava, you must create your own dungeon full of devious tricks and nasty surprises - The more dangerous and destructive, the better. To do so, you will have an army of wacky and strange goblins at your command, ready to do your bidding.

Much like in the gaming classic Dungeon Keeper, the fantasy world of Goblin Keeper will challenge you find the most beautiful and luxurious of treasures. However, to construct your own fortress of devilry, you will have to command your goblins to collect valuable resources such as gold, iron and crystals. To find these new treasure troves of resources, you will have to send out your minions and survey the tunnels and caves surrounding you. But be quick, because you are not the only one in need of these precious materials.

Of course, you will always want to make your own devilish traps more dangerous and that is why it is important to send your minions to the library to study new technologies in the browser-based title Goblin Keeper. The workshop is the ideal place to create new things and the only limit to what you can add to your dungeon is your imagination.

At the same time you are creating a wonderfully evil underground empire, there will be hordes of creatures flowing into your dungeon. Train these creatures and use their abilities to your advantage to take revenge on those who have wronged you. The more powerful the creature, the more sweet your revenge will be. Take control of a mighty dragon or terrifying ghosts to achieve your goal of complete world domination and the elimination of all those who oppose you in the free-to-play fantasy game Goblin Keeper!

Goblin Keeper Screenshots

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