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Gobbowl Description

This free-to-play strategy game combines two popular sports to make one crazy online experience. Take on players from around the world and prove you have mastered your skills!


Gobbowl, the wackily named browser game, will challenge you to take over a team in a new sport which is a combination of American football and rugby. You will have to master your team and strategy in order to be victorious.

In Gobbowl, two teams will face-off against one another. Each team will be made up of five players, making teamwork important. The goal is to get the ball behind the enemy goal line, and of course, more than the other team!

Set in the same universe as Dofus and Wakfu, Gobbowl is a turn-based strategy game. Both players will simultaneously choose their moves for the next round. Only by outwitting your opponent with tactics and strategy will you be able to be the winner.

There are fourteen different character classes with which you can to create your Gobbowl team. You may combine these to fit your own custom strategy or use one of the pre-set builds as well if you just want to jump right into the action.

Of course, each character class has different strengths and weaknesses and it is up to you to figure out how to employ and exploit these different abilities. Earth characters are made for attacking, Fire for dodging and catching, Air for passing and Water for speed and regeneration.

Each stadium in Gobbowl has its own set of rules. This means, depending on where you play, you will have to abide by the home-turf rules. If you master all of these, then you have a good chance at becoming the champion in the permanent style tournament system featured in this free-to-play, browser-based strategy game!

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