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goalunited classic
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goalunited classic Description

In this free-to-play browser game you are hoisted into the role of coach and manager of your very own soccer team, aspiring to lead and breed champion players.


Goalunited classic is a manager browser game, whereby you must take on all the responsibilities as coach of a professional soccer team. In order to be successful in the browser game you will have to manage all the duties of coach and manager, including training, personnel recruitment, team sponsorship, player wages, and organizing matches.

Revenue is made through ticketing for your matches, and all income is added to your team's bank balance. From the revenue you make you will also be able to upgrade your equipment, recruit more staff and build large stadiums. You start out with a small 'Football Area' stadium, gradually reconstructing and climbing your way up to the premium 'International Arena' stadium as your team earns more revenue.

Some of the personnel you are able to hire in the manager game goalunited classic include a coach, assistant-coach, physiotherapist, doctor, financial consultant, PR manager and more. The more staff you have on deck, the hire the chances are of your team becoming soccer champions. You are able to recruit your team members based on their positions, age, nationality, footedness, skills, height, and age. It is important to use strategy and employ tactics when building up your squad in the online game goalunited classic, to ensure you have a balance of skills on the field.

Once you feel your team is ready, you can begin testing their skills by competing in exciting soccer matches. Once a week in the browser based game goalunited classic there are friendly matches which will help prepare your team for the more serious games. Demonstrate your skills as a manager and coach of an elite soccer team, and rise to the top of the goalunited classic championships.

by Kyle Hayth

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