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GoalStar Description

Prove your skills as a sports manager! Only with cleverness and tactical know-how you'll be able to lead your soccer team to the top of the world rankings...


GoalStar is a free-to-play soccer manager web game you can play at home. As a manager, you have to ensure that your soccer team gains promotion instead of being relegated at the end of the season. In live matches, league and cup matches you can prove your skills and show off your team.

Just like in real soccer, you make all the important decisions that affect your team in GoalStar. You decide which players are substituted during the game, or change if necessary your strategy. Also, it is important to buy talented kickers. For this purpose, there is a trade market and the option to conduct contract negotiations.

There are detailed training schedules to keep you up to date and to help you stay on top of things. Moreover, GoalStar features a buddy lists and a league board, which provides information and the chance to make soccer friends. The game also includes categories such as league goal scorers, team successes, the world rankings and player careers. You can always see where your team stands in GoalStar and whether individual players or the team have already made great progress in the various rankings.

Due to the many different national leagues and international games GoalStar appears quite realistic. As a manager, you must always stay up to date if you want to lead your team to the top.

by Kyle Hayth

GoalStar Screenshots

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