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Goal One
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Goal One Description

Call it football, call it soccer, one thing remains the same: To win tournaments, you will have to put together a team of experienced players and come up with a bulletproof strategy. Play with friends and challenge other sports fans everywhere!


Whether it’s in a stadium or from the comfort of your own couch, watching a soccer match can be a joyous activity for everyone involved. If only it weren't for that one person screaming at the players, urging them to perform better. If that’s you, we have just the game for you: Goal One! Download the app today and put together your own soccer team, come up with a solid strategy, and give instructions while your favorite kickers are doing their best to destroy the opposing team.

Goal One puts you in charge of assembling a team, training them, and succeeding during tournaments or other - equally as cutthroat - soccer matches. Getting started in the mobile game may seem complicated at first, but thankfully, a thorough tutorial will teach you everything there is to learn about being a soccer manager step by step. It’s up to you to hire and train your players. Before long, they will be critically acclaimed superstars on the pitch and give those watching their money’s worth!

Goalies, midfielders or defenders: Every position needs to be filled with the most excellent choice and it’s your responsibility to find out who that may be. Don’t be afraid to mix things up from time to time and change your lineup to accommodate your team to certain challenges. Whatever you say goes in this free-to-play app!

Participating in world championships or seasons is not only a way to make your name known among other Goal One players, but will also give you enough incentive to keep going. With enough training and patience, no one will be able to stop you from snatching trophies and claiming titles in this free soccer game available on iOS and Android mobile devices. To make sure everyone knows who they’re up against, you also have the opportunity to choose a name for your team, create a logo and get matching jerseys to complete the unified look. Don’t laugh - appearances matter even in sports!

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