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Glory Wars
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Glory Wars Description

In this browser game you journey to the fantasy-rich world of Enduria where adventures, quests and large-scale wars await you. This magical kingdom seeks the next ascendant to their throne...


Glory Wars is a browser-based online game in which you participate in a host of exciting quests and missions, fight your evil enemies in heavy PvP combat, and strive for world domination as you overthrow various towns and cities. In the online game Glory Wars you tactically raise, train and expand a strong army, waging war on your adversaries. Join an existing cohort or form your own for allied support as you roam across the mystical land.

The MMORPG gives you the choice of three character roles to adapt – archer, mage and warrior. Each character class has unique skills, advantages and disadvantages – select you preferred combat style and begin your war adventure. Your character in browser game Glory Wars has five skills which can be tailored as you see appropriate, including dexterity, strength, intelligence, endurance and accuracy.

In the fantasy role-playing game you can employ the use of a Mercenary to assist you in battles. The Mercenary acts as a powerful leader of your army, and they can be located in the Tavern. You yourself can take on the role of Mercenary, thereby gaining the opportunity to be employed by other players in exchange for gold, diamonds and experience points. With each victorious battle you level up in Glory Wars, forging your way to ascending the throne of all the land. Use strategy and tactics to assail other players and earn further experience points.

There is a variety of equipment, items and weaponry in Glory Wars that will help you in combat, each of which can be enchanted.

by Kyle Hayth

Glory Wars Screenshots

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