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Gloria Victis
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Gloria Victis Description

No one’s certain of what lies in your future, not even those who have roamed this fantasy world for centuries. One thing that is clear is that weather will continue to shape the vast landscapes of all nations and that great adventures await your hero.


Laser guns and futuristic attire have no place in this fantasy role-playing game which is set in medieval times. Close combat, melee weapons and strong personalities are the pillars Gloria Victis was built upon. Do you have what it takes to face the gruesome reality of events that took place long before you were born? If so, then sign up for free, dive into the online world and get ready to challenge both computer opponents and real players that follow the same goal as you do. Getting started is not as easy as you might think, as the game developers of this title don’t believe in holding your hands through every little step on the way to unfathomable glory. There are four factions for you to choose from, not counting the various religions available in this MMORPG:

They who choose to pledge allegiance to the Empire of Azebia are blessed with agility and resilience; they who feel more inclined with the Midland understand the importance of honor; they who prefer icy temperatures and massive axes should look into the teachings of Nordheim; they who enjoy sitting on the beach and guzzling down alcoholic beverages are welcome to join the Sangarians. Just kidding! The Sangarian nation offers players a world full of exotic culture, legendary equipment and more riches than anyone could ever need. Which one will you pick? No matter what race you end up choosing in Gloria Victis, you will certainly embark on an adventure filled with armor and weaponry very similar to the ones used in medieval times.

Combat in Gloria Victis is far from just the usual button mashing that you might know from other MMORPGs. In this online game, hitting the right keys is not as important as knowing when to block, when to evade or when to parry. It’s up to you to find the right time to launch an attack so hard, your opponent won’t know what hit them. Feel free to experiment with new techniques while exploring the world of this free-to-play online game, just keep in mind that you will have to be quick on your feet when entering player-versus-player combat. Other champions might not be as forgiving as trolls, giants or other fantasy creatures…

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