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Global Agenda
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Global Agenda Description

The year is 2155 and out of the devastation caused by the Third Great War came the Commonwealth. Fight for your right to claim the future of humanity for yourself...


Global Agenda is a free-to-play action shooter that mixes in classic RPG progression elements as well. Create, develop and customize your various agents to become a master of the battlefield. Along with powerful skills and abilities, you will have an arsenal of weapons at your disposal.

As you participate and win more battles in Global Agenda, you will earn more experience and money. By doing so, you will be able to unlock new skills that will add to your already deadly agent. With the money, you will be able to purchase more powerful weapons and upgrades.

Fight alongside your friends in intense Co-Op battles. Global Agenda lets you complete missions together with up to four other players for the ultimate teamwork experience. Take down bosses that are way too hard to defeat alone in order to get even more items.

Global Agenda has many features that give you the chance to have a full gaming experience. There is integrated voice chat to communicate with your teammates, intense player versus player battles and hundreds of useful gadgets such as jetpacks, robots and even deployable turrets.

The player versus player combat in Global Agenda will push your strategic skills to the limit. The matches are objective based and challenge you to work as a team to complete the mission. You can win fame and glory on the battlefield by defeating your enemies.

Do you have what it takes to create the ultimate agent with your own skills and weapons? Prove yourself in this sci-fi shooter as you take on bosses and players alike to solidify your position as the best of them all.

by Kyle Hayth

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