Glitch: Morphing into the Closed Beta

04/19/2011 03:11 am in News

The Closed Beta testing phase for the wacky MMORPG, Glitch, is going to begin this week, according to publishers and developers, Tiny Speck. If you have registered to participate in the testing phase, get ready to experience this strange world, as invites are starting to be sent out!


Almost after a year of being in the Alpha testing phase, Glitch is ready to go into Closed Beta testing phase this week. Tiny Speck has announced that keys are going to be sent out to those who have registered to participate and you are much more likely to get an invite than before.

In conjunction with this announcement, the developers and publishers have also recently secured more funding for Glitch. This allows much more consistent and polished content at much more frequent intervals.

Glitch is a free-to-play MMORPG that lets you experience adventures in a world full goo, glime and globs. Based in your browser, you can resume your journey as long as you have internet access. Dive into the mind of eleven giants as you venture through their imagination and create a world of your own along the way.

Source: Game homepage
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