Glitch: The “Unlaunch” of a Game – What Exactly Does It Mean?

12/01/2011 06:09 am in News

Tiny Speck, publishers of the free-to-play sandbox game Glitch, have announced that they are actually "unlaunching" the title in an effort to further develop the game. Although this may seem like a backwards step, its being done in order to improve the game.


Launched in September of this year, Glitch is an interesting twist on the online gaming scene because it opens up the world of creativity to you and lets you go wild. Taking place in the mind of different giants, you essentially create your own story and live it out. However, it may be the case that all of this creativity was too much for publishers Tiny Speck.

Now it has been announced that Glitch is being "unlaunched" and being put back into the Beta phase to allow the developers to work on the title. The goal is to rework the gameplay and make it easier for players to get started in the quirky world, as well as adding new tools for fans to create new things in the online world.

Hopefully this move will get the expected outcome for Glitch and players will be able to experience the fully-functional, more user-friendly world of Glitch and all of the uniqueness it has to offer.

Source: Venture Beat
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