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Glitch Description

Ever wondered what it would be like to be in the imagination of a giant? One of eleven giants to be more precise. You can shape the world how you see fit in this ever-changing world of imagination...


Glitch is a browser game which allows you to live out your dreams and imagination in one big world. The concept of the game is simple. Make your character grow and shape the world around you how you want to. It is geared towards having fun and letting your mind wander.

The world in which you play in Glitch is one large, continuous world. This makes it incredibly convenient to play with your friends and meet up with them because there aren't different servers and other such technical issues normally associated with such games. The world is artfully created by the designers who are looking for new ideas and themes, which include Japanese cutesie and hypersaturated pixelation, everday. They are even said to have eggplants.

This game is what the producers call a culture building experiment. The world in Glitch provides you with the resources and materials you need in order to do what you want with your character. There is seemingly no limit to what you can do and accomplish taking it in a very different direction than any other game.

There is very little violence or fighting in Glitch because of the way the game is played. It is a collaborative simulation which is designed to be expanded and created by the users. Of course, this doesn't mean there is no action simply because there is no fighting! There is going to be new content, items, places and characters introduced almost every day.

If you'd like to apply your creativity to a world which almost anything is possible and do so while playing with thousands of others, then Glitch is a game for you. Shape the wacky world around you with your imagination and have fun!

by Kyle Hayth

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