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Gladiators Description

Dive into a world full of bloody battles and glorious heroes. Ancient Rome, the gladiator school, and the great Collesseum await you. Only the strongest fighters will survive...


Gladiators is a free-to-play browser game from the Russian game studio Nekki. You find yourself in the town square of ancient Rome at the beginning, and it’s your task to lead a group of the fiercest gladiators to fame and fortune. As the owner of your own gladiator school, you can buy the best fighters on the slave market and begin to train them. Gladiators combines two genres: action game and strategy game.

Gladiators offers you ten different types of fighters. At the market you can choose for example the lightly armed "Retiarius" or the heavily weaponed "Secutor". Back at school, the daily hard training for your gladiators begins.

When you feel ready for the arena, the most exciting fights are waiting for you in Gladiators. Whether you compete against friends or enemies in the Coliseum, or if you participate in big tournaments and win great prizes, fun and excitement are guaranteed in any case. Gladiators includes duels as well as battles with up to 14 players.

However, Rome consists not only of the gladiator schools and arenas. Your political influence and economic skill are vital aspects, too. In Gladiators, various political events take place such as the Senate elections, votings and discussions.

by Kyle Hayth

Gladiators Screenshots

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