Gladiators Online
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Gladiators Online
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Gladiators Online Description

Life in the Roman Empire is rough, and gladiators don't have it easy. This is where you come in: Train novice warriors and turn them into fearless contestants that will gladly charge into battle and take on others in arena battles. Lead them to victory...


From amateur brawlers to professional fighters: Gladiators Online puts you in charge of assembling a group of champions that will storm into battle without batting an eyelash. The Roman Empire is looking for fresh faces within the arena and it is up to you to accommodate their needs. After signing up an account in this 3D browser game, you are the leader of an insignificant school. That’s okay, though, since everyone has to start somewhere! Completing missions and visiting the training grounds will not only turn your champions into killing machines, but also give you a chance to collect in-game currency which can be traded for sturdy armor, valuable items and other improvements.

While brute strength and brawn are good attributes to have in Gladiators Online, successfully beating other players will require more than just bulging muscles. The key to winning player-versus-player matches in this free-to-play online game is following a certain strategy.

Your fighters will rise to power and learn new abilities as you play. What will they specialize in? Well, that is entirely up to you. You decide what your gladiators are good at, which tricks they hide up their sleeves and how they can efficiently execute opponents without biting the dust first. Speaking of death: Wounded fighters should be sent to the sanitarium before returning to the arena - assuming they have survived their last encounter, of course.

Gladiators that are no longer a valuable asset to your house can be sold on the market or exchanged for other fighters that fit your play style a little bit better. A thorough profile will keep you in the loop about who has the highest kill count, who is the most feared warrior in all of Gladiators Online, and who has the biggest following. Winning might not always be easy in this combat management browser game - but with the right attitude, anything is possible.

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Gladiators Online Giveaways

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    09/08/2014 07:23 am - We don’t know about you, but we’ve been wanting to strap on leather sandals and entertain the Roman Empire ever since Russell Crowe slipped into the role of a mighty gladiator back in 2000. If you agree or just simply enjoy trying out new games from...more

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