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Gilfor's Tales
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Gilfor's Tales Description

Choose your race and get ready to embark on an adventure into a dark and mysterious world full of enemies, monsters and evil. Explore the fantasy world and be immersed in action...


Gilfor's Tales is a strategic browser-based RPG set in a mythological world. Roam the world alone or with a party and meet all sorts of mystical creatures as well as enemy players. The game is run on colourful Flash 9 animation graphics, and can be played from any browser.

In Gilfor's Tales there are three varying character classes to choose from. Each character has unique skills, strengths and weaknesses, and it is important to consider these when you are selecting a class.

The Shaman, though physically frail, has powerful magic skills and can communicate with the world around him, even with animals. The Rogue is swift but deadly, taking out her opponents in speedy moves, and has a penchant for finding valuables. The Warrior is powerful and strong, and wields heavy weapons with ease – He goes straight to the frontline of battle and due to his short temper can often go into a berserk rage. Customise your character's skin colour and clothing and name, and head to the battlefield in Gilfor's Tales.

Embark on thrilling quests, choosing from over 100 single and multi-player missions, in the browser game Gilfor's Tales. Each quest successfully completed provides you with honour, glory and rewards. In the 3D fantasy online game you are able to trade equipment with other players, or even craft your own weapons In Gilfor's Tales you fight to the death against ferocious boss monsters, computer generated enemies and real players. Be bestowed as the greatest hero of all time as you defend this fantasy world from the grips of evil.

by Kyle Hayth

Gilfor's Tales Screenshots

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