Gigantic Preview: MOBA Meets Action-Packed Shooter

08/18/2015 10:58 am by Marcel Wuttig in PreviewsDownload GamesPvP

Being an online editor for video games is particularly fun during big gaming conventions such as the gamescom in Cologne. It always feels great knowing that you are part of an industry full of creative people, smart business men and women, and lots of fun gamers. It is also a great opportunity to meet up with the people who create the games that you constantly write about. During the gamescom, two colleagues and I got to meet up with a few developers at Motiga to delve into their upcoming MOBA Gigantic. Here are my first impressions after playing a match of the fast-paced action game.

Finding a Hero



My two colleagues and I were on the same team joining two of the devs. We battled it out against three other newbies and another two devs on the opposing team. Gigantic currently features 16 heroes (not champions or gods, mind you). If you’ve ever played a MOBA, you will know that choosing a hero can be a daunting task. Each one comes with a unique set of skills, an alluring lore, and individual play style. In order to make it quick, the Motiga team asked us for our preferred gaming style in an action packed game like this. I usually go for long-range mages who can deal a lot of damage from far away and was recommended playing Charnok. He’s a pretty impressive character being a sorcerer and dragon at the same time. His abilities all focus on fire-power and he will bombard his enemies with meteors from the sky.

My hero of the match, Charnok!

We all chose our heroes within less than a minute and then the action started. And when I say “action,” I really mean it! Gigantic is a really immersive MOBA, especially since the game is presented in a third-person perspective instead of an isometric perspective. I felt as though I was in the midst of the action and started breaking into a sweat right away. The point of view makes the game feel like a hybrid between your typical MOBA and a third-person shooter.

Gigantic’s gameplay struck me as being quite different from other titles of the genre. The perspective definitely contributed to this feeling. There’s a wider range of tactical choices when you can hide from enemies in higher or lower parts of a map. Naturally, the game’s overall goal of defeating your enemies’ guardian and capturing key points on the map also contributed to the unique gameplay. In the end, my team won the match thanks to the helpful advice of our expert team members. How much the three of us contributed to the win is hard to say, considering that MOBAs are always quite overwhelming at first. But did I have fun? Yes, very much indeed; and while my German colleague, Stephan, would agree with me, my French colleague, Vincent couldn’t bring himself to feel equally as enthusiastic about Gigantic.

Either way, my first impression of Motiga’s upcoming online game was very positive. I am usually not a huge fan of MOBAs, partially because of their toxic communities and partially because of their overwhelmingly complex gameplay. Gigantic was fun, however, despite being somewhat overwhelming. I feel like it might actually have a chance to set itself apart from other iconic game of the genre (League of Legends, Dota 2) with its refreshing new take on the MOBA gameplay, while still appealing to the same group of players. Only time will tell whether Gigantic will be able to gain a loyal following.

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