Ghost Recon Phantoms
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Ghost Recon Phantoms
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Ghost Recon Phantoms Description

Welcome to a world of technologically advanced warfare in the very near future. Equip your soldier with cutting-edge weaponry, choose a class, join a clan, and fight for your life. Take the fight to the enemy and complete your mission …


Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Phantoms is a free-to-play third person shooter that lets you live the life of an elite soldier in a very near future. With a technologically advanced weapons arsenal at your disposal, you will do anything to get the job done. Nifty devices and powerful skills are sure to help in any heated battle situation.

In Ghost Recon Phantoms, you earn experience as you complete missions and take down your opponents. In doing so, you can raise your level and unlock new skills as well as abilities. These can make a serious difference in a life or death situation. The better equipped you are, the more likely it is for you to be superior on the battlefield.

In addition to customizing your character with skills, the action shooter gives you the opportunity to change your equipment. If you want to be heavily armored and be able to protect your comrades, you can outfit yourself appropriately or you could equip some very stealthy camouflage and move into a better position to fire on the enemy. The choice is yours. Make sure to always think tactically and use the layout of the maps to your advantage.

Join up with your friends in order to complete harder missions and participate in intense player versus player matches. Simply create or join a clan and battle it out against other players. Ghost Recon Phantoms requires that your team works together to complete the stated objective, whether that is to eliminate the other team or take a control point. The most coordinated team is most likely to win in the end.

The future is now and you must conquer tomorrow’s battlefield with superior tactics and equipment. In Ghost Recon Phantoms, you must play alongside your teammates and work together in order to complete the missions you are given and be victorious on the battlefield. Keep yourself continuously motivated by checking the international ladder rankings and statistics to see where you stand in relation to friends and other players.

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