Ghost in the Shell – First Assault: Exclusive Interview with Game Director

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Ghost in the Shell - First Assault!

Ghost in the Shell – First Assault is a brand new upcoming shooter from Nexon and Neople. We have an exclusive interview with the Game Director behind the free-to-play game, all about the new FPS.

Hey there, it’s great to meet you. Perhaps you can just tell us a little about yourself and introduce yourself to our readers? What is it that you do at the development studio Neople?

Greetings, I am Jung Eik Choi, Game Director of First Assault. I’m in charge of the overall development of the game. These days, I start my day by reading the feedback that our players are providing us. We are happy to see players that like the game, but for players who dislike the game, we listen carefully in order to see what can be improved. Although improvements can’t be all made in one day, we definitely plan on doing as much as we can, as fast as we can.

There have already been a few Ghost in the Shell-based games in the past, so what is it that made you start developing a new one?

We believe there are many fans of the anime, and the series itself is a very well made brand. We chose the Stand Alone Complex series because it has much to offer, and many elements that could be used to create an exciting and enjoyable game.

The current storyline of the game is based on the Stand Alone Complex TV anime series, and the game starts from Episode 24 of the 1st series of the anime.

What makes Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault Online different from other free-to-play shooters, apart from the brand?

We wanted to bring in the elements of the brand as much as possible. The original anime sends a message about the network in society, which we reflected in the Skill Sync system. We hope to bring in more of these contents into the game.

What are the plans for the game in the time after the release?

Most importantly, we are focusing on the feedback from our players and also adding new contents that add more fun to the game.

We have played this game, and we have noticed that the cover system is very important in the gameplay. Is this game based on accuracy and tactics?

We are still balancing many systems of the game and finding the best system for each part of the game. A balance between accuracy that involves weapons and skills that involves tactic will be continuously tested throughout the Early Access period.

Thank you for your time, and we hope to hear more about First Assault soon!

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