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GGoal Description

Become a master of soccer in this exciting online manager game. In the sports game you play out the roles of coach, manager, as well as the players, giving you control over your team’s success...


GGoal is a 2D soccer game that requires managerial skills, sports knowledge and well thought-out strategies in order for you to achieve victory. The online matches between teams are played out in real time, giving the game a more competitive edge. Once you have tactically selected your team’s players and their positions, you are ready to begin game play. Simply by clicking on the 'play screen', you make your team available to be challenged by other teams from all over the world in real time. Once another team accepts the challenge, you are both placed on the interactive in-game playing field, where the soccer action begins.

The playing field resembles a chess board, and each team takes turns selecting certain players and deciding whether they will shoot, pass or run. In the browser-based game GGoal it is imperative that you carefully strategize your player's moves to ensure a successful game. Not only will you compete against teams from all over the world in the online game GGoal, but you also have the opportunity to establish your own soccer club. Here you will be able to collect vital game play statistics, check on the progress of the construction of your own stadium and view your team's latest results.

The more matches you play and win, the greater your chances are of climbing the prestigious in-game leader board. Strive to become one of the most successful teams in the browser game GGoal. The soccer game runs through your browser, without the need for a game client or any software. This means players are able to simply log on from any computer and begin game play.

by Kyle Hayth

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