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Get7 Online
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Get7 Online Description

This free-to-play online game is an extended version of the famous traditional card game GoStop, which has been played for hundreds of years widely in Asia, particularly East Asia...


The client-based game Get7 Online takes the card game GoStop to new digital heights, with varying quests, missions and battlegrounds for players to discover. The online game Get7 combines strategy, role-playing, fantasy and luck to provide a challenging and exciting game environment. The game has a unique ending, with players deciding when they will win with how many rewards. The first player to earn seven points must decide whether or not to end the game and claim victory, or to continue to attack, at the risk of being counter-attacked by another player, or on the flip-side earning more precious rewards.

There are many opportunities for character development, progression through various levels, as well as an upgradeable property system. The turn-based game rounds consist of ten strategy and luck turns, averaging about two minutes in length. The luck aspect has been introduced in order to prevent individual dominance in each game, as well as adding the element of excitement and unpredictability to each round.

After you have downloaded the Get7 game client, you are then taken through an in-depth tutorial in order to familiarize yourself with the rules. You must then select your desired character, choose your battleground and prepare yourself for combat. The first few rounds are played against the computer, providing you with somewhat of a safety net against stronger opponents.

You are also assigned with your very own estate in the online game Get7, which starts out as a humble tent and can be upgraded over time to an impressive palace. Collect chests of fortune, scale through the levels, and show of your strategic and tactical skills in the exciting client game Get7.

by Kyle Hayth

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