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Genies & Gems
What to expect:
  • Puzzle Game from the Creators of Cookie Jam and Panda Pop
  • Delve into a Magical Imagining of the Orient
  • Help Trix and Jenni in Match-3 Puzzles
  • Diverse Challenges that Get More Increasingly More Difficult
  • Free-to-Play on Mobile Devices and Facebook
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Play Genies & Gems for Free and Combine Gem Stones

With a helpful fox at your side, you will collect precious treasures in the free-to-play match-3 game Genies & Gems by combining sparkling gems!


Genies & Gems is a free-to-play Facebook and mobile game in which you delve into the magical world of The Arabian Nights. With the help of a genie called Jenni and her best friend, the friendly fox Trix, you will go on an adventurous treasure hunt in the fantastical orient. Jenni and Trix are trying their best to retrieve treasure chests that have been stolen by thieves, and they need your help.

Every level in the free-to-play puzzle game Genies & Gems features a board full of sparkling gem stones. Trix usually sits somewhere off to the side of the game board. At the middle of the map, you will find a treasure chest. Every time you combine at least three tiles of the same color, they will disappear allowing your friendly fox to come one step closer to the treasure chest. You will complete the level as soon as Trix reaches the chest. In the mobile version of the match-3 game, you can move the gem stones by swiping them with your finger on the touchscreen of your smartphone or tablet. In the computer version, you will obviously use your mouse to move the tiles around.

Enjoy Diverse Challenges in Genies & Gems

Not every level in Genies & Gems revolves around allowing Trix to reach a treasure chest. Every once in a while, your goal is to get rid of or collect certain stones. At other times, you have to collect as many points as possible by combining as many stones as you can. Genies & Gems also features some levels in which you have to bring gold bars towards the bottom of the game board where they can drop into golden jugs.

Every time you complete a stage, you will move on to the next level of the puzzle game. With every step you take, you will provide Trix and Jenni with more treasures. You should always try to connect as many gem stones as possible, since longer chains and combos will create special stones that will help you make it through a stage.