General War: Memories
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General War: Memories
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General War: Memories Description

Being one of the top players in this browser game takes a lot of dedication, the right tools and an army fit for duty. Just keep working towards your goal and complete missions on the way and you will have a shot at going down in free-to-play history.


Both history buffs and strategy nerds have something to look forward to in this browser game. General War features action-packed battles straight out of WW2, making sure you get to relive the horrors that took place on the battlefields in the most realistic way possible. The free-to-play online game prides itself in offering its community authentic weaponry, vehicles and tactical warfare. Do you have what it takes to not only train your own army, but also take down other players? Time will show, soldier. While your troops might not be very awe-inspiring when you first start playing General War, enough resources and the right strategy will quickly catapult you into top tier of international ranking. That's how you become the most legendary general the server has ever seen...

From the Imperial Army to the Grenadier Division - there are many troops for you to train in this browser game. All you need is patience, a firm hand and the right amount of resources. It won’t take long before you get to sic your soldiers on enemy players and prove your worth on the battlefield. Every unit can be assigned to do exactly what you want. You want your tanks to roll in first and clear the deck before the infantry joins the fight? Then give them exactly these orders. The good thing about being a commander in General War is the fact that you will never have to get your own hands dirty. All you have to do is come up with a strategy and outsmart your opponents. Winning a battle will not only get you one step closer to taking over the online world, but also help you increase your rank within the community. The higher your level, the more respect you will receive in this browser game.

As you probably know, World War II left more than just a handful of countries affected by death and destruction. In this browser game, you get to choose a side and fight for the freedom of your people. It is up to you to forge alliances and declare war on other nations. Only with the help of your friends will you be able to defeat every single one of those defiant generals that have your military base as their main target and eventually take over General War: Memories.

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