Become a Zookeeper and Manager in Free Zoo Games at

If you’re the type of person that loves to spend time at the zoo, or loves looking after animals, then these free-to-play zoo games at will keep you entertained for hours. It doesn’t matter if you want to stroll through animal exhibits looking carefully at the exotic creatures, or if you’d prefer to manage all of the day-to-day running of the zoo, has something here for you. Free-to-play zoo games specialize in putting you in the center of the virtual zoo, and it lets you build and create your perfect animal sanctuary, all for free. Not only do you have the chance to design your own zoo, but there are also loads of mini-games and extra fun to be had when playing these online zoo games. Anyone that has played tycoon games or farm games will be right at home when starting their own zoo.

Create Your Own Online Zoo

If you have ever wanted to be the architect and designer of your very own zoo, then this is your chance. You can create beautifully designed zoos, complete with restaurants, gift shops, and all of the different animal enclosures you could ever dream of. Now is your chance to use your PC or mobile device to create the perfect zoo tailored to your exact specifications. Once you have opened your zoo, you can check how many visitors you have, how to improve the layout, and even get feedback from your customers. These free-to-play zoo games really have everything you need to build a diverse and immersive zoo experience online.

Calling All Cute Animals!

A zoo game would never be complete without a huge selection of different animals. Animal lovers all over the world now have one more reason to start gaming online! All of the zoo games featured at include animals from all corners of the planet. Whether you like cute and cuddly domestic creatures, or more exotic and dangerous beasts, then these games have the perfect collection of animals for you. With your new animal friends, you will be in charge of making sure that they have the best care possible in the zoo, and their happiness will make your guests happy! Take a look at the list of games, and you’ll soon be responsible for hundreds of different animals online for free. Amongst the hundreds of species, you will be looking after the following favorites:

  • African Mammals like Giraffes and Zebras
  • Farm Favorites such as Horses and Donkeys
  • Polar Bears and Arctic Foxes
  • Ferocious Lions and Tigers

Once you have started to build your zoo and filled it with animals, you will even have the chance to breed your prize animals and create even more exhibits for your free zoo.

Stay Busy with Free Zoo Games at

When you download one of these zoo games, you will soon find out that being a zookeeper is no easy feat. Even though you don’t need to spend all day playing a zoo game, it’s important to look after your zoo to make sure that it entices customers and visitors to visit the animals. You have to take care of all aspects of maintenance and layout, and can even hire some employees to help out when your zoo empire becomes big enough. With a successful zoo comes a lot of hard work and planning, so make sure you have what it takes to keep the online zoo running as best as possible. If you have any experience with other simulation games, then it will be no problem at all.

All of the free-to-play zoo games at can be played either online in your web browser, like Firefox or Google Chrome, or they can be played on-the-go on your mobile device. This means that iOS iPhone gamers and Android users won’t be left out of the fun when they are away from their computers. If zoo games seem like your kind of thing, then look through the selection at and start your online zoo for free!

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