World War

Balancing Devastation and Fascination in World War Games

“No commander was ever privileged to lead a finer force; no commander ever derived greater inspiration from the performance of his troops.”(John J. Pershing)

It is almost impossible to argue that the World Wars brought anything positive to humanity. Sure, one could argue that World War I launched modernity and caused civil rights movements. It caused a fight for women’s rights and better working conditions for the working class as much as it was a battle against aristocracy. However, millions died which casts a shadow over any positive side-effects. World War II was an important lesson for humanity. It brought even more advanced technology and led to an economic boom. Would anyone argue that this makes the Second World War less gruesome? Most likely not! However, there is an intense fascination about both wars – a fascination that secludes some of its attributes from the brutality, devastation, and grief that came along with it.

World War games focus on the intense strategies on the battlefield; on the balance of technologically modern and traditional warfare; and on the skills that were needed to succeed in battle. World War games truly highlight what is so oddly fascinating about these historic events. But what’s even better is that World War games do so without embellishing or sensationalizing the grief, loss, and devastation of wars. Instead, publishers use the thematic approach of their games to highlight war heroes, technological advances, and commemorate the victims on their official homepages.

The Importance of Leadership and Tactical Thinking

The most important part about World War games is tactical thinking on the battlefield. Most games allow you to slip into the role of a general who is in command of an entire troop. You will decide on the strategy of your battalion and try to win each battle by making the right moves. There are also World War games that let you take control of vehicles of the respective time. Take control of a tank and utilize your vehicle’s technological advantages to defeat your opponents. Teamwork, strategy, and a little bit of luck play a major role in these games.

Focusing on Distinct Features

Naturally, there is a major difference within World War games that focus on World War I and on World War II. Let us highlight their differences below:

  • WW1 games: transition between traditional warfare and new technology
  • First tanks, airplanes, automatic machine guns
  • Games focus on these transition period
  • Players have to deal with finding the right strategy to balance out the transition
  • WW2 games: technology is more established
  • Vehicles constantly improve, more modern tanks, airplanes, and ships
  • New tactics have to be utilized to make the most of new technology

We here on have a wide range of different World War games. Naturally, there are the usual contenders such as World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, and War Thunder. However, there are also a wide variety of story-driven games and real time strategy games. No two World War games are alike which makes this a very exciting gaming category to explore.

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