The wizard games from will cast a spell on you

If you don’t already have a magic staff, you might want to hike to the nearest forest and find a stick to do the job. We make a big deal out of muscles and weapons, but what good are they when you’re faced with an opponent who can wield pure energy and control minds? The wizards we’re used to seeing onscreen are old men – but underneath the scruffy grey beards and droopy hats are some of the most formidable fantasy characters ever. Armed with staff and sword, there are few ordinary men or beasts who could stand against them. Add wisdom accumulated over hundreds of years to the mix and – you get the idea. Now you too can wield the primordial power of the mage when you step into your new cloak and play a wizard game with us at Browsergamez.

A wizard game to rule them all at Browsergamez

You’ll have to learn to crawl before you walk in these wizard games – or in this case, levitate objects before you can control weaker minds. Imagine starting at the bottom of the magic-ladder at a school that makes Hogwarts look like, well, child’s play, and then rising from rookie to the top of the deadliest class of combatants available in fantasy games. Once you’ve proved your mettle in the forbidden arts you can start to defend your magical city against the gathering evil casting a long shadow over the land. You’ll have to hit the magic books to beat other wizards in our turn based strategy games. Here, you’ll have to conjure spells to target the Achilles’ heel of your adversaries – and hope your concoction doesn’t backfire on you or your allies. Strategy, along with quick-thinking and raw power, is what separates the greatest wizards from birthday party magicians. So don’t get stuck holding a deflated party balloon; in these magic games, you can brandish a magic wand.

Of course, there are times when you’ll have to harness the power of the elements to wage all-out-war in the most expansive wizard games online. Meet other gamers dripping with magic spells and test your know-how with or against them in teams. Magic requires careful alchemy; decide which potions and elements you’ll need to create the deadliest concoctions to use against your unsuspecting enemies, or learn to heal your teammates and cheat death out of another wizard’s online soul. Playing our social games increases the stakes of gameplay as you encounter top gamers who’ll challenge all of your skills and knowledge. Make alliances that will last long after the battle has ended as you become a game wizard.

It’s not an illusion; these really are the best wizard games for free

Maybe you’re more interested in a good ol’ pull-the-rabbit-out-of-a-hat game – in which case, you could test your sleight of hand with our magic games. Like all of our brilliant adventure games here at Browsergamez, even the simplest magic trick comes with a twist. Don’t say we didn’t warn you if that rabbit transforms into a blood-thirsty monster. Turning a corner on an ordinary street could land you in a far-away world, or the smallest gesture could trigger a quest that will become legend. Our games are full of endless surprise and possibility; if you love the gorgeous landscapes and unforgettable characters found within the fantasy genre, then explore our wizard games. They’re full of:

  • Fire-breathing dragons
  • Magical booby-traps
  • Knights & fierce damsels
  • Medieval taverns

We have all the characters and unimaginable scenarios you’re looking for in our collection of wizard games. Once you see yourself progress from a rookie to a forbidding wizard, having learnt intricate spells and strategy, you’ll want to come back to Browsergamez time and time again to get that incomparable gaming rush.

Take the magic of our wizard games anywhere

Our games work like magic on your browser, mobile device or tablet. Whether you’re a fan of iOS or Android, we’ve got a game you can enjoy on the go. If that doesn’t do the trick, then open up your favorite browser and download an online game that will keep you up for hours at home. Our games are unbeatable in terms of graphics, accessibility and unadulterated fun. They look great on whatever device you throw at them, so sit back in bed, catch the train or sit around with friends and let the magic games at Browsergamez enchant you.

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