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Microsoft Windows is by far the most popular operating system used by computers all over the world. Desktop PCs have been commonplace in our homes for years, and here at we have a huge selection of Windows games for you to play. Anyone that has a Windows laptop or desktop can join the fun here at, and we are sure that we have the perfect free-to-play game for you. For anyone that plays their favorite games on a smartphone or tablet, we also have a wide range of free games if you click on the mobile section at the top of the page. For everyone else that wants to get stuck into a good windows game, then look no further, as you have found one of the best websites on the internet for free-to-play windows games.

If you own a Windows PC then pretty much all of the games on will be available for you to play. If it is a download game that you are looking for, then they can be easily downloaded for free through our site, and if browser games are more your kind of thing, then you can play them effortlessly in a supported browser like Google Chrome or Firefox. All you need is a working internet connection and you’re well on your way to starting an adventure in one of our thousands of games!

Strategy, Action, or RPG? Loads of Genres Free at

Any Windows gamer (or PC gamer) will know that there is game from pretty much every genre ever made available to play on PC. Here at we have put together a collection of the best free Windows games available to make sure that you get the best gaming experience. As almost every computer game is a game made for Windows, you can have an extremely varied gaming experience:

  • Strategy: This is one of the most famous types of Windows game. If you’re a fan of putting together tactics and strategies to beat your enemies, then this genre is perfect for you. Strategy Windows games are either downloadable or playable directly in your browser for free.
  • Shooter: The classic shooter genre features some of the most popular gaming titles for Windows. There are fast-paced games like Warframe or Warface for shooting fans to get involved in. You can use both a controller, and also a mouse and keyboard to gun down your enemies in shooting games.
  • RPG: If you like to immerse yourself in a fantasy world and take on the role of a hero, the RPG Windows games will be something you should try. Jump into an MMORPG and explore vast fantasy worlds directly on your Windows PC at
  • Simulation: For anyone that wants to step away from day-to-day life and live a completely different life, then simulation games have a lot to offer. We have Windows flight simulator games, along with life simulation, and loads more!

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The beauty of modern Windows gaming is that almost all of them can be played online. This means that you have the chance to connect with players from all over the world and work together, or battle against each other. These multiplayer possibilities enhance the gameplay of these Windows games so that they can turn into big social games like an MMORPG, or personal 1 vs 1 situations like in card games. Anyone that has a Windows computer at home should waste no more time in heading over to our games section and finding the perfect game from a multitude of different genres offered to you here at

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