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Over the past few years, mobile gaming has revolutionized the gaming industry with free windows phone games influencing gamers around the world. The joy of tactile gaming, with its simple but fiendishly clever tap & swipe user interface, has helped spur a renaissance in mobile video games –putting a portable games console in everybody’s pocket. So whether you’re looking for your favorite titles from days gone by, or you want something fresh, innovative and inspiring, look no further than windows phone games at

Signing up to Browsergamez is easy, simply choose one of the many titles from our collection and click the Play Now for Free button. You can either play online or download a selection of our titles directly to your smartphone so you can keep playing whilst on the move. Wherever you decide to enjoy a little mobile gaming, make sure it’s with Browsergamez free games for windows phones.

Great Games for your Windows Phone in Every Category

If you’re looking for the very best windows phone games for your smartphone, then Browsergamez is the place to be. Our collection features the most creative and cutting edge games found anywhere on the Internet. Whether you’re looking for stimulating simulation games, far-out fun games or astonishing action games, Browsergamez has all your favorite titles. Take a look at some of our captivating categories, including:

  • Shooter Games
  • Games for Girls
  • RPG Games
  • Simulation Games
  • Action Games

You will also find plenty of other useful categories to help you get the most out of your mobile gaming experience. These include our Tips & Tricks, Top Ten Games, a regularly updated Magazine section and plenty of Facebook games for those who love a little social media. Rest assured, we have all the action, adventure, adrenaline and animation you could ever need within our crazy collection – so pull out your smartphone and sign-up today.

Play Windows Phone Games with Players from Around the World

One of the most enjoyable aspects found within a windows phone game is the ability to share and compete with your friends, family, and players from around the world. Many of the titles within the Browsergamez collection feature a variety of multiplayer modes – giving you the chance to pit your wits against the very best gamers in our vibrant community. Why not sign-up for one of our MMORPG games and enter an entirely new gaming universe. Alternatively, one of our sports games will let you play together as a team or against other competitors also going for gold.

Alongside our multiplayer games for windows phones, you will also find a range of games for other mobile devices and, of course, our classic browser based games for your computer. Whatever your preferred platform from which to play, you will find a whole host of fantastic games within our collection. So sign-up to Browsergamez today and get your fix of the very best online and offline games found anywhere on the Internet.

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