Wargaming - Let’s Battle!

Did you know that World of Tanks was not the first game developed by Wargaming? It’s hard to believe that anything came before this successful online game. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves! Wargaming was already founded in 1998 at a time when online gaming was still in its very beginning stages. Just think about it: it was the year of Windows 98, Armaggedon, The Truman Show and A Bug’s Life, and the year when Nintendo 64 and PlayStation were still around. That was the time that Wargaming appeared on the gaming horizon, headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus. Of course, nowadays the MMO publisher operates its business across 16 offices over the entire world. Its first few releases were turn-based strategy games. DBA Online, Massive Assault, and Order of War are probably not well-known anymore, but they were the first stepping stones for Wargaming. The studio’s actual rise to success came a whooping twelve years after it was founded. From that moment on, there was no stopping it anymore! Everything the developer touched turned to gold. Like no other studio, Wargaming has become the reigning king of free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOs) set in a World War 2 environment. Since the developer has become synonymous with its games which are all featured here on, let us take a moment to shine a light on them all! Before we do, let us tell you what to expect from the studio’s high-quality games:

  • State of the art graphics, gameplay, and presentation
  • Regular events, constant updates, great support, tight-knit community
  • Historically accurate war games
  • Strategic MMO warfare on diverse maps
  • Fun on PC, consoles, and mobile devices

The Gem that Started It All for Wargaming

Probably the most iconic free-to-play MMO is World of Tanks. In this game, the guys and girls over at Wargaming have truly outdone themselves. The MMO is the epitome of free-to-play gaming and equally as iconic as League of Legends. Gameplay, presentation, graphics, and the business model all come together to create one well-rounded, challenging, and addicting title. Originally, the online game was released for computers only, but in recent years, console versions and mobile apps based on the PC game have followed. Each optimized the gameplay and graphics to make them a perfect gaming experience for the respective platform.

The Sky Is the Limit

Instead of focusing on its tank game, Wargaming explored new grounds… or shall we say heights? World of Warplanes offered a similar yet completely different gaming experience to World of Tanks. When was the last time you saw an airplane stay still behind a cloud to attack an enemy from afar? Exactly, it is not possible, which is why the aviation shooter offered faster, quicker, and shorter gameplay than its tank predecessor.

Somewhere Beyond the Sea

Naturally, the sky was not the limit for Wargaming. The publisher and developer also conquered the seas with its naval war game World of Warships. Huge ships, naval warfare, and torpedoes – everything a tactical war fan could possibly desire.

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