Turn Based Strategy

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Turn based strategy games are among the oldest games ever played and are generally based around two (or more) players taking consecutive turns to employ all of their cunning and wit to out flank each other. Games like Chess, Go and Mancala, among many other board games, have been around for centuries and are often based on war games that reward the tactician rather than the man of action. Unlike real time strategy games, players must plan each move carefully, since overlooking any eventuality in a turn based strategy game could be fatal.

Naturally, since ancient times, turn based strategy games have developed into many different forms that can be played alone or with multiple players. The advent of the Internet has also seen a new platform for turn based strategy games and is your portal into new worlds of strategic thinking and tactical planning. Play all of your favorite free turn based strategy games online with other players from around the world – just make sure you are always one step ahead of the game.

Assemble armies and sculpt a civilization with turn based strategy games online

Today, rather than simply imagining the battle cries and blood as your knights, bishops and pawns march onward to victory, the world of online turn based strategy games allows you to experience it firsthand. Build graphically detailed armies and begin planning your incisive strategies as you defend your burgeoning civilization from other leaders who covet your precious resources. Choose your weapons and defensive buildings carefully and create a fortress to foil your opponent’s military maneuvers – just always make sure your generals are prepared for a surprise attack.

Whatever your style of play, has a range of turn based strategy games for you to enjoy. Why not get involved and:

  • Build and manage a vast metropolis
  • Take charge of transportation networks
  • Explore new worlds and settle strange new continents
  • Train as a magician or a mage

Join countless players in massive worlds through our online turn based strategy games

The beauty of turn based strategy games online is that you can now test your tactics against players from around the world. Perhaps you wish to build your city and trade with neighboring cities owned by other players, or, perhaps you wish to steal their resources, jobs and ultimately their population to help your city grow. Alternatively, maybe you’ll need to employ your best diplomats to deal with strange new civilizations and avoid all-out war as you settle new lands in multiplayer civilization games. Whatever your favorite turn based strategy games online, you’ll be able to share the fun with your friends, family or players from every corner of the earth.

Free turn based strategy games for your browser or mobile device

Since turn based strategy games generally do not take up as much computing power as action games or sports games, they are exceptionally well suited to playing whilst on the move. The best part is, you are unlikely to lose your progress if you have to put down your smartphone or tablet since a turn based strategy game will always wait for your next move. So, sign up to and download your favorite turn based strategy games today to become the greatest strategist that ever lived.

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