Tower Defense

Defend Your Own in Tower Defense Games

It is awfully quiet - too quiet for your taste. You are busy putting up towers, walls, and other means of defense while also positioning your troops and armies. Was that a movement there in the distance? The time is running out! You have to be quick. The first wave of enemies could approach any minute now. You are busy instructing your fighters on what their role in combat will be when you hear an ever so slight stomping in the far distance that is gradually getting louder. Is that yelling you hear? Your ears are ringing when you hear a soldier yell “attack” and then it all begins. The metallic sounds of swords clanging against each other and the painful shrieks of men who are falling to the ground are the melody to the rhythm of the massive vibrations of cannon balls thundering against the walls of your fortress. Welcome to the action-packed fights of a tower defense game.

Find Your Calling in a Strategy Game

Your kingdom, settlement, or house have to be defended! Approaching armies, monsters, or even zombies will wipe you out if you don’t defend yourself. Strategic planning - particularly the kind of planning that happens in advance - are of utmost importance in free tower defense games. You are the leader who makes all the decisions, instructs your troops, and positions every line of offense and defense. You will have to prepare most of your moves in advance, as the attack of your enemies could begin at any given moment in a tower defense title. Your call is to be a wise leader who makes smart use of their resources and can strategically plan in advance. You will also have to make rash decisions when tactics don’t work out as foreseen. Is there a breach in a line of defense? Make up for it or all will be lost!

A Rather New Offspring of an Older Genre

There are few genres in the world of video games that are truly new. Most game types that seem rather young are based on older genres. It is amazing to realize that most of these genres have been around since the very beginning of video games when the biggest limitation to a concept were the technological limits of the time. Strategy games and real time strategy games have been around for a very long time, tower defence games, not so much. However, they can definitely be considered their direct offspring. In more recent years, some features of the RTS genre were isolated and released as independent games. This is where tower defense comes into play. Focusing on planning and strategizing for an attack and then mostly observing the action or intruding other player’s fortresses has become a popular concept.

The actual realization of this concept is quite diverse however. Each studio seems to have its very own interpretation of the defense-offense action. Take a peek at our two examples and see for yourself how different they can be!

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

  • build your own castle
  • lots of traps, defensive items, monsters
  • hide your treasures to prevent them from being stolen
  • planning in advance, attacks happen also when you are offline
  • steal other players’ treasures
  • the more gold you have, the better the defense items are that you can purchase

Plants vs. Zombies 2

  • defend your garden and house against zombies
  • the zombies are computer-driven
  • completing some levels will reward you with new plants to defend yourself
  • you control the action while it is happening
  • minimal planning in advance
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