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Telltale Games - Telling Stories in Video Games

One thing that many people have criticized about the video games industry is that it has mostly focused on superficial action, flashy effects, gameplay, and simultaneously neglected profound storytelling. There’s one studio though which has proven all those haters wrong, and that studio is named Telltale Games. The studio has swept over the video games industry releasing one hit game after the next. Each of its titles has done what many critics deemed impossible – focusing on a profound plot, three-dimensional characters, and critically acclaimed scripts. Telltale Games stands for profound stories that deal with real human emotions. Death, the act of killing, otherworldly situations, and extraordinary settings have an emotional effect on the protagonists in Telltale Games like in almost no other series of video games. Characters in these games are not just robotic avatars that quietly perform extraordinary actions. They are three-dimensional beings who are affected by what is going on in the digital world they live in. Even more impressively, Telltale Games does not shy away from presenting less stereotypical roles for men and women and characters from different ethnicities. You will have a hard time finding a two-dimensional female character in a Telltale game who is simply there to look pretty and present her body.

Telltale Games as a Substitute for TV

Telltale Games was founded in June 2004. In the first few years, the video game developer mostly produced lesser known games, most of which were based on popular franchises such as Wallace and Gromit, CSI, and Jurassic Park. While these games might have not been as successful as later titles, they already had many features that are still typical for Telltale Games to this very day.

  • Often based on popular franchises, be it movies or television shows
  • Periodical, serial releases over several episodes
  • Multiplatform releases
  • Main focus lies on storytelling
  • Adventure games with RPG elements
  • Reinterpretation of popular franchises focusing on new characters and storylines

The real breakthrough for Telltale Games came in 2012 when the studio released the critically acclaimed The Walking Dead: Season One. It followed the lives of previously unknown characters in The Walking Dead universe, who deal with the apocalypse in their own way. The themes discussed in the video games series surprised critics with their mature focus and their high-quality plot progression.

Storytelling Games on Mobile Devices

Since then, many other game series have followed, each of which has followed this acclaimed and popular Telltale formula. Even better than that, the studio has continued its aim to cover many different platforms and reaching as many potential players as possible. This has led to Telltale Games releasing its most iconic games (including Game of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands) on mobile devices. Many have been released already, but it seems as though even more will follow in the future. You can find those titles here on

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