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A tanks game takes virtual fire power to a whole new level as players engage in fights to the death in scenes that are often based around famous battles from WWI or WWII. These heavily armored vehicles are a force to be reckoned with and make for some explosive gameplay. As you hide behind a ton of metal, most often your task is to traverse the wreckage-filled environments and take down your enemies using your vehicle’s weapons. Each vehicle usually consists of a multitude of heavily armored parts that players must learn to use in order to progress in the game and master their tank. Consequently, tank games can have intense dynamic gameplay which requires players to develop well thought-out strategies to defeat their opponents. Putting it lightly: Things can get pretty heated on the battlefield!

Common Types of Tank Games

Tank games can differ quite substantially in terms of their gameplay. Most take the form of an online shooter or massive online battle arena, where you join a team of players and fight against other like-minded tank enthusiasts. You are usually matched with other players depending on your skill using your tank and your experience playing the game. After all it wouldn’t be fair if a tank expert, who had played the game for years, was matched with a complete novice, who doesn’t even know where the hull is located. If you just read that, and are now wondering what a hull is: Firstly, it is the name for the bottom part of the tank containing the engine, and secondly, perhaps tank games aren’t for you.

The second common type of tank games is one in which you are given missions and objectives that your must complete in order to progress. Ok, that sounds like any other game. But the difference here is that you must use your tank to see you through the levels.

Types of Tanks

The number of different tanks out there is seemingly endless and you will probably find every tank from WWI to WWII in at least one tank game, if not several. Most games will usually allow you to play with a variety of different vehicles. Usually you will start off with a lighter tank and work your way up to the more heavily armored machines. It is not limited to tanks either; most games will include other army based vehicles, such as the classic land rovers or the transportation trucks. Each petrol-guzzling war machine has its own features and abilities in battle and it’s up to you to decide which vehicle suits you. Some players prefer using the faster lighter vehicles, while some prefer the heavier vehicles with the larger weapons. Needless to say, the latter is the preferred type of vehicle.

Types of Weapons

Tank guns are artillery designed as the main armament for a tank. Most tanks will include a main tank gun and/or a machine gun, and you might also see some fictional weapons, particularly in tank games online. Some guns will have explosive power and can consequently take out the larger targets. You will need to wield your weapons carefully, and sometimes bigger is not better (but most of the time it is!). The list below is what you would commonly find on a tank in one of these games:

  • Machine Guns
  • Flamethrower
  • Smoothbore Weapons
  • Anti Tank Guns
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