Strategy Games for Complex Thinkers

Strategy games come in all shapes and sizes. If you really think about it, you could call any game strategic. After all, every video game will require some kind of tactical and logical thinking to complete. The most basic strategy is probably simply tapping a button repeatedly to win. While this is the most basic and simple end of the spectrum of strategies in video games, the other very complex end is occupied by the strategy game genre. Strategy games are altogether more complex allowing for endless approaches, tactics, and very unique gameplay! These days there is no end to the layers of tactical thinking that developers are incorporating into their games, and some games end up being truly mind boggling.

Tactics, Logic, and More

There are many tactics that are adopted by a player to win strategy games. The type of game that you are playing will determine the types of tactics you should choose. If it requires you to defend your territory, then the strategic positioning of your defense towers will likely determine the outcome of an invasion. This might sound obvious and simple but keep in mind that you are faced with hundreds of different types of buildings and different types of warriors in strategy games. It is of utmost importance to build the right defenses at the right time.

The perfect strategy!

While there might not be a perfect and indisputable tactic to succeed in strategy games, there are numerous right moves to successfully get through sticky situations. That is the beauty of strategy games. The gameplay is fluent and depends more on your individual choices than in many other game genres. For every move of one player, there is the perfect response. Think of this genre as a complex game of chess. There are seemingly endless moves a player can make and there are endless responses that the opposing player will have. Almost every single game is unique! All actions have reactions that will change the overall outcome.

Adopting your own strategy

It is recommended to always make smart choices that take many possible outcomes into consideration when playing strategy games. Now, before you dive headfirst into making your own game plan, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Know your enemy
  • Understand the costs of attack
  • Be wary of your allies
  • Don’t get ahead of yourself - misplaced confidence can be costly!

One aspect that makes these games so interesting is the ability to come up with your own game plan and put it into effect against other players online.

Strategy games online are very popular and have unmatched numbers in terms of players and global success. And would you believe that there are numerous free strategy games which are featured here on

Why are they so popular?

Strategy games are so popular because they are very rewarding! This genre of video games rewards its players for thinking logically and for making smart decisions. They are also very customizable allowing players to fully immerse themselves into the digital world. Particularly online strategy games reward players for logging into the specific title on a daily basis. Here players get more rewards for playing on a regular basis than in any other version of this genre.

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