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Space travel has come a long way since the Vostok 1 made its circuit around the earth in 1969. But the space games here at Browsergamez are light years away from the earth’s orbit, putting every existing space program on the planet to shame. Our space games offer you a glimpse into humanity’s possible futures in galaxies far, far away. We’ll fly you to new planets, introduce you to alien civilizations, get you the latest technology and flying gear, and send you on the most exhilarating and dangerous missions in the universe.

You’ll boldly go where no person has gone before with our variety of intense and imaginative scenarios set in far flung locations. Playing a space game is like trading in your bicycle for the Millennium Falcon; we turn your ordinary browser, tablet or mobile device into a transporter that will beam you directly into the middle of the action. Don’t miss your chance to prove your mettle as you fight for the survival of our species. In our online space games, the fate of entire planets hangs in the balance. Don’t miss the exciting scenarios and engrossing storylines that make our sci-fi games stand out from the rest. Whatever your home planet, we’ve got the action, adventure and challenges you’ve been looking for.

Find spaceship games to launch you into another dimension

At, flying up, way up, is all part of the fun when you step into the cockpit of your own spaceship and explore new galaxies at the speed of light. We let you take command of entire solar systems and put you in direct competition with other players online. But take care, because every species – and gamer – has an agenda of their own. Our space-themed strategy games will test your skills as a leader and thinker; you’ll need to negotiate treaties with other players to bring peace to the galaxy – and know how to act when your diplomatic options dry up. In our free space games, you’ll stand shoulder to shoulder with the best captains from your favorite franchises, all while you enjoy the view from the bridge of the USS Enterprise.

Set a course for adventure in space games for online thrill-seekers

As an intrepid space explorer you might have to break the prime directive as you make first contact with races beyond imagining. Learn the custom & culture of civilizations completely different from our own as a visitor, or slip into the role of a Martian in one of our alien games. Travelling at warp speed with your enemies hot-on-your-tail is just another day at the office for Browsergamez. So get ready to explore the unknown once you’ve settled into the driver’s seat of your spaceship. Disembarking on an alien planet could be risky: there are plenty of mechs with guns waiting to pop out at you in our robot games. Test the speed of your draw as you struggle to outgun them in epic shootouts set on distant worlds. But the action doesn’t stop there; our incredible free space games offer you:

  • Innovative spaceships and futuristic gizmos
  • Multiplayer action for maximum fun
  • Expansive universes with cool graphics to explore
  • Great characters and strange alien races

Test your boundaries along with current space-time theory in a spaceship game like no other.

Your ordinary gadgets come to life with our space games

Thanks to our state-of-the art gaming technologies here on earth, you can experience the thrill of space travel from your home, couch or anywhere you like to kick back and have fun. Wearing your spacesuit is completely optional. Our browser games are the perfect way to experience an expanded universe, while our online games give you the chance to meet up with other players for large campaigns. If you want to catch the action on the go, then we have fun space games to keep you entertained for your tablet or mobile device. Our mobile games are available for iOS and Android so there are virtually no restrictions on how many or what kind of adventures you’ll experience with Browsergamez.

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