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Solitaire, or Patience as it is also known, has been a much loved, solo card game since at least the 18th century. Popularized in France during the 19th century, its rich history has created hundreds of variations on a game that has entertained and embittered countless players, as they pit their wits against those devilishly difficult cards. Many a table has been upturned, many decks of cards ruined and many a mind lost to the sheer frustration this game can create – and still, we return to the simple strategy time and time again.

Thankfully, you can at least save the broken table and ruined cards, if not your fragile mind, by firing up one of’s online solitaire games – the perfect way to while away a few hours lost in those familiar suits. Flip the right cards and stack them up to release yet more cards until you’ve uncovered the whole set. It sounds so simple – yet we all know that online solitaire is anything but.

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The advent of online solitaire games has provided plenty of new challenges for the seasoned card slinger, and has something to shuffle everyone’s pack. From the traditional Klondike variant of solitaire, to entirely new visions of this once familiar card game – we have it all.

Why not challenge other players from around the world and conquer the online solitaire leaderboard. Alternatively, enter completely new arenas with our hybrid adventure/solitaire games that become increasingly difficult as you progress through the beautifully rendered worlds. Whatever type of online solitaire games you decide to play, you will still recognize that familiar solitaire arrangement, so you can get started straight away – truly a solitaire for the new millennium.

Online Solitaire and other card games from offers plenty of other card games should solitaire become just a little too frustrating and you find you need a break. From the classics to more contemporary card games, Browsergamez has something for everyone. With advanced poker simulators to test your skills, imaginative card trading games for competitive battles and fantasy based MMORPG games that allow you to challenge countless players all around the world – whatever type of card game you are looking for, you will find something at

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Alongside solitaire games online, action games, racing games and a wealth of other exciting gaming categories, provides players with a wealth of resources and content to enhance the gaming experience. These include:

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These informative and educational resources will help you get the most from your experience and, alongside our regularly updated magazine, provide you with the very latest gaming news. So, whether you are up for an hour of solitaire or something a little different, be sure to visit us regularly and stay ahead of the game.

Play solitaire and many other games either online or through downloading offers players a number of options for accessing both solitaire and other games. If you are connected to the Internet then our browser based games and Facebook games are the perfect choice. These games will allow you to play with many other players all around the world. Alternatively, there are downloadable games available for you if you wish to play offline – perfect for those long and boring journeys. Signing up for our games is easy. Simply enter a user name and password to create an account and you are ready to play. Finally, however you decide to access’s collection, you can be sure that you’ll be enjoying the very best online games found anywhere on the Internet.

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