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Life as a sports fan ain’t easy: You have different tournaments and championships to keep track of, various teams to either love or loathe and are prone to getting into heated discussions about who’s best. The worst part? You can’t interfere in any way. Thankfully, the wondrous world of video games gives sports enthusiasts like yourself an opportunity to change all this and get involved with your favorite teams. Sure, it might only be on a virtual level - but hey, better than nothing! Here’s a list of the types of sports we cover here on

Let’s take a closer look at soccer games, shall we? There are two kinds of soccer games: the kind where you actually get to control the players and are allowed to kick it like Beckham and the kind where you’re the manager that has a say in everything that’s going on behind the scenes. As a trainer and mentor, it is up to you to come up with new strategies, find out everything there is to know about opposing teams and put together a solid offense and defense. The trick to winning is to always have a secret battle plan hiding up your sleeve. That’s what halftime breaks are for: Whenever you notice that the competition may be outsmarting you, it’s your cue to strike back and show them who the boss in soccer games is. Most soccer games online are available on mobile devices, be it iOS, Android or Windows.

Soccer Games Whenever, Wherever

The beauty of getting to play a soccer game from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet is that you don’t have to invest hours into one long gameplay session. You can just whip out your mobile device and play a match during your lunch break or while waiting for the bus to arrive. Need to pause? Go ahead, as you can always go back and pick up where you left off last time. Free soccer games are especially convenient. How so? Well, you can just download the app free of charge and see if you like it before continuing your journey through the online world of soccer and football.

Whether you are a soccer manager or prefer slipping into the role of an actual player, chances are you will be up against other players when playing online. This means that you can expect leaderboards to take notice of how well you are doing and automatically compare you to friends, family members and other players. Achievements (such as reaching a certain rank or leveling up) can usually be shared with the community thanks to the integration of Facebook and Twitter.

11 Players to Rule them All

Most soccer games will give you the chance of hiring the biggest names currently available. From Lionel Messi to Cristiano Ronaldo: You pick who you want on your team and customize your eleven kickers’ attributes as you unlock new resources and gather experience points. Special events will usually occur during the World Cup or other big sporting events, so always be prepared to get out your absolute best players and prove to the world that your team knows not only how to kick a ball around, but also how to ward off strikers and keep the goalie out of trouble.

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