Lock and Load in Sniper Games

Every gamer is different. Sure, we might all be on the same page on how much we love video games in general, but we all follow a different approach in how we decide to play; what characters we create; what strategies we come up with. Let’s take competitive games like MOBAs (League of Legends or Smite) for instance: Some prefer to charge into battle right away and prove to the other team that they mean serious business during combat. Others prefer to stay back, support their allies and strike when no one would expect them to. Then there’s the stealthy type, usually made up of sneaky assassins that hide in the shadows and strike with lethal damage once the right opportunity arises. When we take a look at how online multiplayer shooting games are put together, a similar pattern can be found - only that in this fast-paced and action-packed genre, the silent slayers go by the name of snipers. Yes, we’re talking about sniper games.

One Shot, One Kill

Whether it’s American Sniper or Phone Booth: The portrayal of the elusive sharpshooter has made the rounds within all different kinds of media over the past couple of years. Games, too, have picked up on the concept and given players a chance to slip into the role of a marksman in classic online shooters such as Counter-Strike or Return to Castle Wolfenstein. The key to being an efficient sniper is finding the right nook or cranny to hide in. Once you manage to set up camp in a safe place, it’s time to lie in wait and wait for the perfect shot. That’s the thing with snipers: They often rely on that one quick moment of surprise in which the enemy target has no clue what’s going on - and once they find out, it is too late. Sniper games online require players to have a steady aim, as it is usually the first shot that makes all the difference. Your strategy in sniper games varies greatly from someone who utilizes the burst of fire of weapons such as machine rifles or shotguns.

Camping Done Right

Whenever there is a mention of the word “camping” in free sniper games, the term doesn’t refer to the merry activity that involves tents, bonfires and s’mores. In a sniper game, camping is a strategy used by players that enjoy staying in one spot and instakilling every opposing target that passes by. This seems like a neat tactic at first, but it won’t take long for other gamers - on both teams - to get very angry with your cowardly behavior. While it’s no secret that snipers prefer to keep the competition at bay and empty their magazine from a safe distance, there’s a clear distinction between using the scope of your sniper rifle to your advantage and just being a jerk. It might be fun for sharpshooters to increase their kill count by dishing out headshots, but once it happens to the detriment of fellow gamers, this is where most draw the line in sniper games. Play fair, everyone!

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