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Imagine your morning commute without your smartphone. Pretty grim, right? You don’t want to be that person who falls asleep on a stranger’s shoulder on the subway. Luckily, Browsergamez is here to jolt you awake with an action-packed range of smartphone games. These snooze-busters are just as effective at chasing away drowsiness as a cup of coffee. So, let the other passengers on the train doze off while you enjoy free smartphone games.

Phone games are part of a balanced breakfast at Browsergamez. Our brain games will get you to work or school looking fresh – even when you haven’t gotten your eight hours of shut eye the night before. If you like bells, whistles and exploding rainbows, then you really can’t go wrong with a smartphone game. It’s your own private wonderland; always around to keep you company and shut out the bombast of rush hour. So, whether you’re an experienced gamer looking to extend the fun of video games door to door, or a curious newcomer wanting a taste of the forbidden fruit, free phone games are an ideal choice. All you need is your trusty iOS or Android phone, and away you go!

Life is your creation in free phone games

If you’re not playing fun games on your smartphone, you’re doing it wrong. There are whole universes in miniature to discover in games for phones; dig yours out of your pocket and download some adventure into your life. When you’re stuck on the bus, satisfy your need for speed in a racing game, or work through your road rage by hacking the legs off of a giant spider. Maybe save your fellow commuters from the jaws of death in one of our popular Marvel games. With us, you can have escapades just like in the movies – only better because you’re always in the leading role. Any way you slice or dice it, Browsergamez makes travelling more fun. Our smartphone games are also great for keeping your mind off the clock when you’re stuck in a waiting room.

But who says you have to play mobile games on the go? We know you like to kick it on the sofa with your headphones and a bag of chips within easy reach. Whatever you’re wearing, wherever you are, your smartphone is with you – and free games for your phone are never far behind. You’ll be amazed at how much imagination gets packed into these compact games, not to mention the variety of genres available for every type of gamer – bloodbaths, cuddly animals, brain teasers, city building and many more. Visit and get ready for:

  • Puzzles & Brain Teasers
  • Fierce Combat & Blood
  • Cities & Rural Haystacks
  • Catchy Music & Bright Graphics

You’ll find the possibilities for fun and adventure are virtually endless in the free smartphone games at Browsergamez. You can be an angel in a fantasy world, or make mischief as a demon on a battlefield. Whatever path you choose, our selection of games for your phone is bound to challenge and entertain you.

Play a phone game and you’ll look forward to long waits

Once you get into the groove of turning on a phone game while you’re waiting to get on with your day, you’ll want to play our mobile games all over the place. At the bus shelter, the dentist’s office, in the park, at home, at a funeral, at the supermarket, in the shower, on the train … and pretty much anywhere else you can take your Smartphone with you. So, what are you waiting for? Check out Browsergamez’ collection today!

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