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Sometimes, you don’t feel like saving the world from all evil. You don’t want to be able to cast spells, defeat minions, or go on epic adventures. Sometimes, you seek the digital world of video games to do something mundane. There are times when you just want to do a digital version of an everyday task that you might not be able to do otherwise for whatever reason. This is where the beauty of simulation games comes in! They allow you to do pretty much anything you want. We’re not talking about supernatural powers, but more realistic objectives and tasks. Simulation games cover pretty much every possible scenario you can think of and allow you to do almost anything – as long as it simulates an aspect of the real world.

Simulating Everyday Life

Remember when the Tamagotchi came out? This small device was only a small taste of what was going to come in the following few years! It allowed players to breed an egg and then feed, entertain, and clean the little creature that hatched from it. Forgetting it was almost impossible, as it would constantly remind you of its existence! With The Sims and other similar games that followed, players were able to play a more extensive version of this principle. In a nutshell, these games that simulated everyday life allowed them to digitally accomplish mundane tasks that they already had to do in their real lives. While this might not sound entertaining to everyone, online simulation games that focus on simulating everyday life, such as The Sims FreePlay, really spoke to a lot of players. The gameplay is straightforward, the characters are relatable, and the in-game challenges seem real!

Building and Leading in Simulation Games

Another very important part of simulation games online is building, creating, and managing! This is also possible in mobile apps such as The Sims FreePlay where you have to create an avatar first. Choose their appearance, dress them, and make sure their personality is exactly the way you want it. Other simulation games focus primarily on building and managing. In SimCity, Anno Online, or The Settlers Online, players build a city from scratch and make sure that everything is going smoothly. Making sure that the economy thrives and that the population is satisfied is of utmost importance. In these free simulation games, players have to be able to organize many things simultaneously and manage an entire city, sometimes even an entire world economy.

Other titles combine big franchises with city building simulation games. Apps such as The Simpsons: Tapped Out, Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, and SpongeBob Moves In offer a loose and funny interpretation of this genre. While players still build and manage a city (by reconstructing the towns known from the franchises), the degree at which players actually manage is more superficial. The focus of these games lies on witty dialogue and smart jokes.

Do Your Dream Job

Another sub-category of simulation games allows players to follow their dreams and finally do the job they have always wanted to do. Fly an airplane, drive tractors in a farm game, or become the captain of a ship! Anything is possible in these simulators!

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