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Sometimes we just need to vent some frustration, and there's no better way to do that then to let off a couple of rounds in a game against other players online. There are a lot of good free shooting games out there, offering endless ways to obliterate your enemies. Some gamers like the gorier of titles that send blood and guts flying across the screen in scenes reminiscent of the classic splatter films, like Halloween and Saw. Some gamers choose to play as a silent assassin, using sniper rifles to wipe out your foes with a single head shot. And some gamers prefer to use their guns for good, bringing justice to hordes of virtual criminals. Strangely, and slightly macabrely, the latter is the least popular type of game in this category, where the majority of gamers who indulge in a good shoot-‘em-up usually prefer engaging in fictitious criminal activity. In light of this, shooting games are a strange category when you really think about it. They appeal to the masses, but why? Most promote the idea of murder in scenes that exercise a person’s want to cause harm to another being. But hey, it’s only a game. Right?

What Defines a Shooting Game

Shooting games is considered an umbrella term used to describe a category of game in which there is a focus on using guns to see you through the stages. Moreover, most gun games require the player to complete missions using their weapons to kill anyone who might stop them from completing their objectives. However, what makes this genre of gaming popular throughout the world is much more complex. While it is fair to assume that these games are heavily focused on shooting, it is the heroes, the characters, the storylines, the graphics, and the ability to become immersed into the game’s environment that make for a good gaming experience. Not just the savage use of lethal weapons.

Exercise Your Trigger Finger

Most shooting games allow you to play with a variety of different weapons ranging in size, power, explosivity, accuracy (the list goes on), and each type of weapon should be used for a unique purpose. Perhaps you are tasked with a mission that requires you to be discrete, in which case a bazooka probably isn’t the best weapon of choice. Likewise, if your mission is to kill lots of people quickly, than you would probably want to avoid using a shot gun, which requires you to reload after each shot. Some shooting games even allow you to create your own weapon out of customizable parts for a unique gun that will suit your playing style. The list below highlights the main categories of guns that you would commonly see in shooting games:

  • Hand Guns
  • Machine Guns
  • Rifles
  • Shot Guns
  • Rocket Launchers
  • Science Fiction Lasers

It’s Not All About the Guns

Pretty much all shooting games will also allow players to use other weapons such as knives, chainsaws, and other handheld tools. The gorier games seem to include more of these weapons as they tend to cause a more dramatic death. For example, the chainsaw has made many appearances in shooting games for its dramatic sound and its ability to kill opponents in an inevitably disturbing fashion.

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