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If you need a break from your adrenaline fuelled action games but you still want something a little more dramatic than your average simulation games, then the perfect combination of the two can be found in our selection of free RTS games. An RTS game, or real time strategy game, challenges players to complete missions that depend as much on sharp reflexes as clever tactics and strategies. In missions full of tension, adventure and exhilarating drama, you will get the chance to command armies, battle ogres, summon magical spells and step into the role of your favorite superheroes.’s collection of free RTS browser games has everything you need for the best RTS experience on the web. Construct your stronghold and build your strength as you begin to plan your victory with considered tactics and maneuvers. Outwit your opponents and gain experience as your travel through the myriad worlds of wonder and amazement. Sign up for one of’s rigorous RTS online games today.

Fantasy or fact based free real time strategy games

Whether you are looking for an RTS game based within the realms of reality, or you prefer something with a little more magic, has it all. For all of you up-and-coming commanders out there, has a wide choice of RTS browser games that put you at the head of armies, navies or air forces. Take a leaf out of Sun Tzu’s Art of War and bring a slice of real strategic thinking to your games and outfox, outmaneuver and outflank your enemies in this thrilling selection of realistic, battle based RTS games.

However, if the trials of war are a little too much for you to deal with on a daily basis, why not bring your strategic thinking to one of our graphically rich, fantasy based real time strategy games. You’ll still get the opportunity to go into battle, only this time instead of tanks and ATVs, you’ll be facing trolls and angry, tooth-filled vampires. Whichever kind of world you decide to enter, you will find a wide range of RTS games to choose from at

Real time strategy games in 3D

Since RTS embraced 3D technology in the late 90s, the graphical element of this category has expanded and created a wealth of games that are as stunning to look at as they are to play. Enjoy beautifully rendered worlds that truly immerse you within the story as you work on your strategies and tactics. Set your heart racing as the tension builds and you move closer to victory in our collection of 3D games. Watch your cities and armies grow and be amazed at the detail found within each of your favorite characters. Whatever your choice of 3D RTS game, you’ll be blown away by the attention to detail and graphic quality of’s collection.

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Alongside our addictive RTS browser games, also offers gamers the chance to play a wide range of other exciting titles. Whether young or old, you will find games that suit your taste and style of gameplay. Take a look at these categories and find something that appeals to you:

What’s more, with a simple age rating attached to all our games, you can be sure that children are playing games suitable to their maturity level. Sign up today and start exploring the world.

Play your favorite RTS game online or by downloading

Whether you prefer to play RTS games from the comfort of your own home, or you want to get your fix whilst on the move, has the solution. Our free RTS browser games bring full screen action to your desktop or laptop computer – helping you enjoy the very best in 3D graphics. However, if you are embroiled in a long battle or you need more time to build up your army, you can continue enjoying RTS games after downloading them to your smartphone or tablet PC. So, sign up today by clicking the Play Now for Free button and enjoy the very best free real time strategy games found anywhere on the web.

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