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We all love immersing ourselves into a good fictional book or film, with their fantastical characters and mysterious plots. We only have to look at the global success of titles like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings to realize that most of the population is yearning for a life of make believe. Taking us one step further to realizing this dream, RPGs invite us to join a world of fantasy where monsters, wizards, and evil lords actually exist. They allow us to step away from the pressures of society and escape the humdrum of regular life, if only for a moment. Many people might consider this childish thinking, but it is no secret that many adults are just as hooked on these games as kids. After all, whoever said adults don’t make good wizards?

What actually makes a game an RPG?

RPGs, or role playing games, are games that invite players to play a certain role. Who would have thought? And there is no shortage of roles to play, as the gaming industry is positively bursting with new and exciting positions for players to dive right into.

That being said, there is an evident trend of typical characters which we see time and time again in fantasy RPGs. Normally each character is categorized by a certain class, and no, we don’t mean like the classes in society. That is one of the great things about the gaming world: Everyone is equal. A class in an RPG game is a way of defining the type of role that a person will play, where each class of character has their own unique abilities and strengths in battle that the player must learn to use in order to progress. The common classes of characters are listed below:

  • Mage
  • Warrior
  • Archer
  • Cleric

The above refers to the common classes that you will likely see in online RPG games, but the list of roles one can play extends far beyond those in fantasy games. From cartoon-based games to the more adult genres (nudge, nudge; wink, wink), each role that you can play is unique and will depend entirely on the game in question.

Imagination is the key

No matter what type of game it is, every RPG has one thing in common: They invite us to imagine that we are someone or something else. To further explain this concept, take a look at the common genres of RPG games that usually involve high-fantasy scenarios, plots, quests, and graphics. As you assume the role of one of these fantasy characters listed above, it is up to you to navigate through a make believe adventure, making decisions and critical choices that will ultimately determine the outcome of the game. Customizing the characters with new and exciting weapons and learning their unique and individual skills, is one of the ways in which you become personally involved in the lifestyles of our avatars.

Most of them are Free!

Thankfully there are tons of free RPG games out there, more so than ones that require purchasing. However, a lot will have optional in-game purchases, like character skins and weapons, which will help players progress more quickly in the game. So it’s best to watch out for those. Otherwise it has never been easier to become immersed into a good RPG!

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