The One that Started It All for Rovio

Well, the headline might be a little exaggerated, but we here at do believe that Rovio played a major role in the mobile gaming hype. It might not have been the company that started it all, but it was certainly one of the major players to make mobile games what they are today. Rovio games have certainly been able to speak to hardcore gamers and casual gamers alike. Looking back at its successful road, it is hard to believe that Rovio was only founded in 2003. This was the very core beginning of the company which was re-founded as Rovio Mobile in 2005 and as Rovio Entertainment in 2011. This is particularly fascinating when considering that the studio released its most successful franchise in 2009! Since then, it has released hit game after hit game covering all kinds of genres and franchises. The success story goes even further with a full-length movie based on the Angry Birds franchise. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves however and further introduce to you the Finnish mobile game development company and its franchises.

Angry Birds as Far as the Eye Can See

We have often praised video game developers for seeking out new grounds. While it might seem as though Rovio does exactly the opposite of what we have praised in the past, the studio has repeatedly proven its creativity and innovation. Let us explain: Looking at the majority of the studio’s portfolio, you will realize that almost all of them are based on the Angry Birds franchise. While this might seem repetitive and as though the developer was simply milking the cash cow for all its worth, you have to look a little closer to realize that these apps are actually quite diverse and have constantly re-invented the franchise. This goes to show that Rovio is an incredibly creative and innovative studio in its own rights which will push its borders within the limits of what it knows it’s good at. Let’s take a closer look at Rovio Entertainment’s diverse portfolio:

  • Original formula: Angry Birds
  • Fantasy roleplaying: Angry Birds Epic
  • Star Wars setting: Angry Birds Star Wars
  • Racing game: Angry Birds Go!
  • Action sidescroller: Angry Birds Transformers

Rovio has certainly proven that with the right dedication and perseverance, a lot of innovation can come! Other studios would have dropped the Angry Birds franchise like it’s hot after the release of the first installment. The Finnish studio rather evaluated how it can further improve and re-invent the brand instead of neglecting it all together.

Rovio for Free-to-Play Mobile Gaming

One thing that really has to be pointed out is that Rovio stands for truly high-quality free-to-play gaming in an industry that is crowded with sub-par games. If you happen to browse through our selection of Rovio games here on, you will find solely high-quality games. No matter which one you pick, you will find a good balance between addicting, challenging, and quick gameplay. This makes for perfectly short iOS, Android, or Windows gaming sessions on the go!

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