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You might want to leave R2-D2 on the spaceship when this intergalactic battle heats up – this is no place for miniature bots. Our fantastic selection of robot games will introduce you to the coolest mechs in the galaxy all awaiting your command. Watch them converge on the battlefield for the ultimate fighting experience. Pitted against unimaginable foes, you’ll have to use the latest technology and cutting-edge weaponry to beat evil into the next dimension. Alongside our exciting range of sci-fi games and space games, we give you an unprecedented look into the dangerous world of tomorrow, where humans and machines form uneasy alliances in the never-ending struggle for interplanetary peace.

Optimize your mech to tackle a robot game like no other

Humans get a major upgrade with the biggest and craziest battlesuits available. Start as a mechanic and design your own fighting machine out of unbreakable materials in your own shop. Test your designs on the battlefield with other online players, then earn in-game cash as you smash your opponents to bits. Use your winnings to keep your mech competitive with the latest tweaks and improvements. Or, if you are feeling ambitious, take charge of your very own mech army and build a city colossal enough to house your metallic giants. But watch out, not every robot is here to help: in an exhilarating dystopia, they’ve taken over and plan to blast humanity into extinction – unless you can build robots of your own to stop them.

You’ll have to defend your city and warehouses against marauding armies intent on destruction in our incredible worlds. But you’re not alone. Thanks to the social features of our robot games for online play, you can form valuable alliances with friends from around the world to protect your supplies and inventory. When the fighting gets really tough, you’ll have to pilot your own powerful mobile suit and display total control of your gargantuan limbs and high-powered guns. Slip into one of hundreds of mobile suits from the Gundam universe and pick a quest to challenge your mech crew’s prowess on the battlefield; stage one-on-one duels with other players or join in a galactic free-for-all and show off your strategy. Remember, you’ll need both offensive and defensive mechs to win the war.

Your batteries better be fully charged when you play one of our brilliant robot games; Optimus Prime won’t settle for anything less as you enter the dangerous universe of the Transformers franchise. Fight off Decepticon warriors led by the villainous Megatron, whose sole mission is to see your beloved earth obliterated. Fans of the film will rejoice in our immersive adaptations while aficionados of the original series are guaranteed to get their vintage fix. Younger players will find plenty of enjoyment in our inspired children’s robot games that combine puzzles, combat and strategy with all their favorite characters. There’s plenty of mech technology to discover with our robots and games, giving you limitless gaming possibilities.

  • Experience combat on a gargantuan scale
  • Work on your strategy to defend what’s yours
  • Meet intelligent life in one of our alien games
  • Engineer original fighting mechs for your army

Pick a robot game and we’ll bring the battle straight to you

You can enjoy our robot games online with your tablet, mobile device or at home with your preferred browser. The interactive gaming experience you crave is always on hand thanks to our flexible selection of gaming formats. Compatible with iOS and Android, our mobile games let you tap into the action from any location you want. But if it’s expansive gaming universes you’re after with plenty of crisp graphics, then we recommend you download one of our fantastic browser games. You’ll be exploring, building and embroiled in combat for hours when you play any of the robot games from

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