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The term “retro games” is pretty relative if you think about it. It doesn’t really refer to any specific period, any specific genre, and has very loose rules. What games are considered retro and which ones aren’t? What we consider retro games nowadays were once state-of-the-art games that used modern technology, told innovative stories, and featured brand-new gameplay. However, as relative as the term might be, it does refer to a more or less specific period in video gaming. Consider this: PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii games are also not the most current titles anymore, however, they would not be considered retro games. So what kinds of games belong to this vague category in video gaming? Let us try to shed a light in the list below:

  • Classic game franchises
  • Games that were important because of their gameplay, story, or their graphics
  • Retro games should feel timeless in a good way, not dated in a bad way
  • They should potentially evoke childhood memories
  • Many retro games are considered products of the golden age in video gaming

These are only a few of the characteristics that retro games usually have. While many of these iconic titles originally came out on home consoles in the 90s, it is now easier than ever to access them thanks to mobile gaming.

Retro Games Online and on the Go

Surprisingly, many retro games are actually perfect as mobile games. Take a franchise such as Sonic The Hedgehog as an example. Originally, this blue animal came out as one of the defining titles on Sega’s home console. The platformer was considered a state of the art game for hardcore gamers when it was released. In this jump and run title, you play through short yet challenging levels which usually never take longer than two minutes. These levels are perfect for short gaming sessions while on the go. Simply try to beat a stage while you’re on your way to work for example. It is incredible how some retro games were never meant for casual gaming, but are now so perfect for exactly that purpose.

Then, there is a retro game such as Tetris, which has been one of the defining casual games of its time. Granted, originally the puzzle game came out as an arcade game in the 80s, but it truly became popular after it was re-released by Nintendo for the Game Boy. It became the first true casual puzzle game that players were obsessed with. Thanks to Electronic Arts, Tetris can once again be played on the go, as the publisher has released the retro game for mobile devices.

There are many more retro games here on They cross all kinds of borders and genres. Particularly roleplaying games will guarantee some profound gaming sessions on your smartphones and tablets. Many Final Fantasy games that were originally released on the NES and Super Nintendo have now been re-mastered and re-released for mobile devices.

Relive old memories from the past or try out classic games that you’ve always wanted to try by checking out our selection of retro games. There is bound to be something for your taste!

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